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Skilled Contributor

Galaxy S7 Edge case & screen protector

Has anyone managed to find a good, grippy case for the S7 Edge that works together with a proper, long-lasting screen protector?

After a year, I still haven't.


My current setup is a Color-G screen protector with the case supplied in the box. The case is flimsy transparent plastic, but it does not touch the edges of the protector.

The protector is really good, albeit plastic film, much better than my previous Spartan Cloak that started peeling off twice (on two different protectors) without anything touching it.


I've not yet found any good glass protectors, and none of the good cases (e.g. Spigen) seem to support protectors as they go too far in.


Any ideas?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Galaxy S7 Edge case & screen protector

Hi @DonDino


I use a ontseev skin for my S7E and S8E which works well. 


Never use a screen protector (famous last words) 



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