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Galaxy Fold Feedback!

I thought I would give some feedback on the Fold I got my hands on yesterday after returning from holiday.


The first thing I always check is if the phone is locked to the network; well I can tell you that the Galaxy Fold is NOT network locked. Which is probably an accident and not intentional (because EE lock everything which is very bad part of this network).


The second thing I looked at was that hinge and the space between the display and the hinge. Samsung has clearly fixed the issue of dirt/debris getting under the hinge as the new t-shape plugs mean there is no gap at all for anything to get under the display.


Now onto impressions of the phone - the outside screen is tiny and trying to text is almost impossible because of how narrow the display is (the actual size isn’t the issue its the width). When open the display looks incredible but I definitely notice some banding on the display. If you open Spotify for example on the outside screen then the grey background has a much more gritty look on the inside display. It’s really a very small thing and it wouldn’t stop me enjoying the phone but it is clear that the actual OLED panel on the inside could be even better quality.


The actual feel of the device is great and it’s super solid. Interestingly out of the box there is already a very slight crease before even folding it - clearly this display has been pre-folded to test it or allow the tolerance for folding. When you fold it for the first time this crease increases in size probably twice - however when looking at the display you can’t see the crease but you CAN feel it.


Talking about the feel of the display on the inside - it is plastic but it doesn’t feel like a cheap plastic. It feels more like a softer glass. Just like any display it gets covered in fingerprints and every time I get a micro-fibre cloth to wipe it down I get nervous I am about to scratch the plastic protective layer.


Despite it being 7.3 inches when unfolded it actually doesn’t feel big at all. I can totally see this being the perfect size for use reading ebooks and PDFs.


Back to the keyboard - If I was a developer I would be on sorting out a decent keyboard. The Samsung keyboard is great if you hold it two handed but its awkward if trying to type with one hand and if you use G-Board for example its far too large with massive keys and it‘s still hard to type one handed even using the swiping function.


I haven’t really used the camera yet - however it isn’t nearly as good as the cameras on the Pixel 3 and iPhone 11 Pro Max (which I love the camera on). It is a good camera and for anyone who hasn’t used the Pixel/iPhone or Huawei cameras it will seem amazing but it isn’t the best.


Any questions?

EE Community Support Team

Re: Galaxy Fold Feedback!

Good Morning @spinstorm.


Thanks for coming back to the community and leaving such detailed feedback.


You have provided us a great insight to what the device is actually like.


I am sure you will receive some questions regarding this as it seems to be a popular device. 


Have a great day, 


Katie 🙂

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