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Final LG G6 question - Battery life

Here's the final question in what we all agree has been a fun review for the EE Community Stars. If you've enjoyed this and want to learn how to become a Star please have a look at our guide and PM me if you think you have what it takes! 


Final questions


  • For general day to day how was your experience of the overall performance of the LG G6?


  • What were your experiences of the battery life? Was it better or worse than your usual phone?


  • Was opening apps easy? Was it intuitive?



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Re: Final LG G6 question - Battery life

The battery on the G6 is outstanding I can go 2/3 days before I needed to recharge it but only with normal day to day usage.  I could and was draining the battery in a day and half but that's only because im on here a lot.  I did watch a lot of YouTube once or twice and I can easily drain the battery in a day.   If I was to swap my daily device with the G6 I would be more than happy with its battery life capabilities.   All in all I was very impressed with the G6 from usage to battery to ease of use to ascetics overall I'll give the device 8 1/2 out of 10 and I'll only give my daily device about 7 1/2 out of 10. The G6 just piped my daily device because the camera is just outstanding and the screen on the G6 has to be the best display I've seen on a phone.    

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Re: Final LG G6 question - Battery life

  • Considering the large size screen and high specs generally I am very impressed with the G6 battery. The battery indicator decreases evenly and consistently with no sudden drops or spikes in how much is left, even under cold conditions unlike other devices I have used. 


  • The previous device I used is a similar size (5.5inch) and also has high specs so I could compare them quite evenly. The G6 battery is superior both for stability and life. As mentioned above the G6 can maintain power in colder conditions than my previous one that would shut down anywhere below 40-50% if the temperature dropped.


  • Opening apps is very easy and to date I have not experienced any lag or crashing/restarting. I stream online radio a lot and it copes with the constant connection well. The Game Battery Saver makes a lot of difference when away from a charge point such as being outdoors or on long journeys and this has improved my gaming experience in general a lot.
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Ace Contributor

Re: Final LG G6 question - Battery life

Day to day experience and first impresion:


After using my current Smartphone (iPhone 7 Plus). I actually find the LG G6 is noticeable easier to hold in one hand than this. I actually have small hands too, but had pretty much no issues at all with one handed use with my small hands, that was unless I needed to touch something at the very top part of the screen. But for people who have slightly larger hands than me, one handed use will be no problem with the LG G6. The LG G6 was a lot more pocket friendly than my current Smartphone and also noticeably lighter too, this was down to the reduced bezel design and from this, a smaller bodied Smartphone.


The opinion I had on, build quality, materials used was very high indeed. I really like the all metal frame and also the colour and finish of it. I really like the back too; the black colour looks very sleek and very premium, the back like the front is Gorilla Glass, which should prove to be very tough. The two buttons that are on the left handside are both metal and have a nice reassuring feel/click to them when pressing them, these two buttons are the volume up and volume down buttons. The volume up button can be used as the camera shutter button (basically the button you press to take a photo, for example, if you find it easier to do this than using the on-screen camera shutter button).


I’m a bit on the fence with the rear placement of the power button/sleep wake/finger printer reader button, but that's just my personal preference. I did find though, that even with my small hands, I could easily reach this button with my index finger to press it to power on/off/sleep/wake the phone. But, I found that when you need to cover the button more precisely (when reading your fingerprint) I found that with the rear placement, it meant that I couldn’t see if I were covering the button properly (i.e. so as to get a full/good scan of the fingerprint). But until such time that fingerprint readers can be embedded into the phone screen and also with the reducing of the bezels on Smartphones, then rear placement is the only place the fingerprint reader can go.


Having never used an Android device before, within 10 minutes of use, I was picking things up with some sort of ease, and a lot of the menu system were logically laid out and labelled. With me having small hands, I did struggle to reach the upper parts of the screen to select items.



Battery life:


My usage was, mostly of which was with screen on time, camera use, viewing photos, short telephone calls (to test the call/sound quality) around 15 minutes of game play per day, bit of YouTube to. I found the battery lasted me two full days with around 25 percent battery remaining at the end of the second day. Admittedly my usage may not have been too demanding, but I would expect a really heavy user who might be playing games for an hour per day, and or streaming video for long periods of time, would still find the battery life to be enough to get them through a full day with ease. So, I would rate the battery life as very good and certainly above some other flagship Android Smartphones in this price range.


To answer the question on if the battery life on the LG G6 was better or worse than my usual phone. I would have to say my current phone was a tad better due to iOS been a bit more efficient at battery optimisation, but not much at all, and certainly not a criticism at all of the battery life on the LG G6. I hasten to add that I rate my current phone as excellent on battery life, so I would have to say the same on the LG G6 battery life as there really wasn't a lot in it.



Was opening apps easy Was it intuitive?:


Having never used an Android device before, within 10 minutes of use, I was picking things up with some sort of ease, and a lot of the menu system were logically laid out and labelled. Some parts I did struggle a little bit with, but I think this was down to the high level of customisation that Android provides and this can sometimes come across as a little bit confusing in the beginning. But for anyone wanting to be able to customise till it is coming out of their ears, then Android is the natural choice. 

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Re: Final LG G6 question - Battery life

I've been using the phone as my main phone for a few weeks now and I would say that the battery has been really good.  I've got through a whole day and still have over 30% left which moderate to heavy useage. 


It has fast charging which is excellent and if you are low on battery, you can enable battery saver. 



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