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Faulty Samsung s8+ - EE Please Read

I’m hoping some one can help,


I have a Samsung s8+ and since I have had it 28/04 the phone developed a fault and had it replaced with a replacement phone delivered the next day. However last nigh I noticed my phone would not charge at all despite charging 3 different chargers.


I Rang EE today they told me it would need fixing however they expect me to be without a phone for up to 2 weeks whilst this gets fixed. This is disgusting there is no way possible I can be without a phone for 2 weeks especially when I have dependants that need to contact me on a daily basis.


I need someone from EE to take action and replace my phone for and not have to wait 2 weeks.(I actually have been very patient with EE of the last 2 months the signal at my work has been none and I keep getting messages from EE updating me to say they are still looking at the issue)


Please can someone from EE contact me to sort this mess out. I can not be without a phone for 2 weeks its not possible


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Re: Faulty Samsung s8+ - EE Please Read

No one from this user discussion forum will contact you. You need to contact CS & discuss the possibility of a loan phone for the duration.

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Re: Faulty Samsung s8+ - EE Please Read

This is a customer forum no one from EE will call you.


EE have procedures and they have already once replaced the phone they will only repair this as this fault isn't a known issue.


If you need a phone in the mean time then go into store they may have loan phones.


If not go to a carphone warehouse. They do have loan phones for a £50 deposit which you get back once you pick up your repaired S8+


CPW can repair any phone and if it is covered by warranty then it will be free. You don' have to have purchased from CPW to do this. I have never purchased from CPW but have used this service before.

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Re: Faulty Samsung s8+ - EE Please Read

@Belal11   You can take the phone to a store and they will send it off for you if they have a loan phone that they can give you one but there is no guarantees that they will have a lone phone as they all could be out and being used.  

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Re: Faulty Samsung s8+ - EE Please Read

Hi @Belal11 and welcome to the community.


Please do take a look at our guide on repairs as this will be able to assist.


Our stores do offer a loan and repair service which will be able to assist.


We would only offer a replacement device if you have insurance or within the first 28days of purchase.


Hope this helps,



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