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EMUI 10 Update?

Hi Folks,


Does anyone possibly know when the EMUI 10 update is coming to the Huawei Mate 20 Lite?





by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: EMUI 10 Update?

Hi @ymo1965 


Probably. Once any upgrade is available your device will tell you.



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by BusTours
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Re: EMUI 10 Update?

EE will get around to it. But they are always the slowest to release and never, ever, tell you when. 

It's a bit of a broken record on the forums: people ask, some random from up top says "well, we have to do this and that, but it will happen". No news for weeks. We all get bored waiting, then suddenly it appears. 

Just sit tight, it will happen, but in EE's slow timescale, not our hopeful one

by ymo1965 Investigator

Re: EMUI 10 Update?

Many thanks for your reply. I know these things take time. The thing is, my phone is on sim only and I got the phone elsewhere. So, wasn't sure when it would be pushed to everyone's handsets.


I'm seeing an aweful lot of news reports on this update and people on different networks are getting it now. Haven't been with EE long (ex O2 customer) so they're a bit unfamiliar to me at the moment. Although the data deals they have are pretty much the best atm.




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