by adamth0

Disable VoLTE on Pixel XL?

I've seen some people saying it's not possible to disable VoLTE on their Samsung, and I wondered if it would be possible on the Pixel XL.

With a 4G signal, calls invariably bomb out straight away, or within a few seconds of the call starting.

The only workaround is to set the preferred network to 3G, which is less than ideal.


Assuming it's not possible to disable VoLTE (why??), do EE have any plans to fix their VoLTE support so that I can make phone calls from my phone?

EE Community Support Team

Re: Disable VoLTE on Pixel XL?

Hi @adamth0,


Thanks for visiting the EE Community.


It's not possible to disable 4G calling on the Pixel XL.


Have you spoken to technical support about the issues you are experiencing?



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