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Contract discount not applied

I brought a contract through affordable mobiles 1 month ago,
the contract was for a Samsung note 9 30gb of data for £36/m for 24 months.
This contract was listed as having an additional 5gb of data and £2 reduction add on in order to make it the correct price / deal. Now when I look at my add on's the 5gbs of data is there but the £2 reduction isn’t.
So for my first bill I’ve been charged £38
I’ve contacted affordable mobiles about this, they say it should be £36 and they can see it on their system that it has been applied so the problem is with EE.
I’ve also contacted EE but they’re saying the discount wasn’t applied when the contact was taken out.
I’ve got email confirmation from affordable mobiles showing the contract purchased and the discounts which it should include.
Where do I go from here?, any advise is very welcome


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Re: Contract discount not applied

Good Evening @RFarmer


Thanks for coming to the EE Community. 


The discount needs to have been applied at the point of sale, do you have confirmation of the price agreed? 


Katie 🙂

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