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Battery life on S10 plus

Hi, I has a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and was really happy with it. The ONLY reason I decided to upgrade after 2 years was because of the battery failing and needing to charge it twice a day. I upgraded to the S10+, and I have to say that for a new phone the battery is no better! I hate to think what it will be like in 2 years? Anyone else have this issue or have i got a duff one? 

Also i am really disappointed that they have done away with the notification led's.  A real backward step in my opinion. 

All in all I am not impressed with my upgrade... I can't see any benefit to me whatsoever.  

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Re: Battery life on S10 plus

Hi @Jannells.


Welcome to the community.


Here's a few tips I've found on a Samsung help page to improve battery life:


  • Check for Apps Using Too Much Battery
  • Reboot Your Galaxy S10 To Improve Battery Life
  • Disable the Always-On Display (or lift to wake)
  • Use a Black Wallpaper
  • Turn Off Features You Don’t Need/Use
  • Tweak WiFi, GPS & Bluetooth Settings
  • Watch Your Screen Brightness & Sleep Timer
  • Use Battery Saver or Power Saving Mode

Let us know if you've tried these or if any of them help.



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Re: Battery life on S10 plus

 I can get 1.5 Days out of mine with 6 hours screen on time, including permanent connection to my Galaxy Watch, but that is ONLY if I set the power mode to "Medium power saving"


Still get Notifications. Granted I don't use social media but emails and Texts are fine. Its still snappy and works perfectly well. Give it a go for a day or two.


Details here

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