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Bad advice when upgrading from Orange to EE

I have been an orange subscriber for many years, but decided after pay monthly account was constantly going over limit and no access to online account to upgrade to EE for online access and more advanced phone.

Given my budget and quite limited use recommended the Nokia 2.

I specifically said as reviews of Nokia 2 not that great, would I still be able to use Nokia Suite for windows pc which is an exceptionally well designed sync program and was assured I would.

This is fact turned out not to be true which left me with a phone I might not otherwise have chosen.

Secondly I pointed out that I had registered with EE when they took over Orange, but when it turned out they were not supporting Orange accounts online I didn't bother logging in - and of course forgot my password.

Each time I tried to log in and say I had forgotton my password I would be sent an email with a link to click and change passwords. Each time the email took so long to arrive that by the time I clicked on the link I was told it had expired. And according to telephone support for security reasons (eventhouh they had checked I was who I said I was) they wouldn't change the password for me! This must mean some people are permenantly locked out of their online accounts.

Thirdly having found I couldn't import my contacts from Nokia Suite to my new Nokia I was given advice to export to a vcf file and copy to phone's download folder. Which I did, but the Nokia import option kept saying no files although I could see they were there via storage.

(Just to add that even though EE advice was often wrong it was nothing like as bad and incompetent as Nokia's own advice that seemed to be generated by a badly programmed robot which decided the case was closed.)

One final point, for anyone with a visual impairment or problems with finger mobility, should be strongly advised not to order online as they will never be able to see how to get the right size sim from the composite one sent and / or be able to pick it up and insert it.

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Grand Master

Re: Bad advice when upgrading from Orange to EE

@hackneyuser  The EE sim you got sent is a 3 in one sim and you push out the part you need. Not being happy about how this is put in to the device considering your situation again is not EEs fault.  If you go to a EE store they be happy to help you with the SIM card. 


 EE is not responsible for the manufacturers own software or its operation.   


Call customer services and ask them to reset your account.  Or If you are locked out of your account you’ll need to go to a EE store with ID so they can unlock your EE account.  They’ll probably even help you set it up again if you ask. 

by hackneyuser Investigator

Re: Bad advice when upgrading from Orange to EE

Sorry if my post wasn't clear. I have got everything sorted (thanks to support in local EE shop).

The point I am making is that if ordering online or via telephone issues like this should be highlighted.

Not forgetting of course that it is quite likely that someone with say issues around visual impairment, or dexterity may also have mobility problems.

Appreciate EE cant provide a total service, but some level of awareness of issues like this would provide a better service.

Who knows how many customers order something on line, got their phone delivered and just gave up because of lack of disability awareness by sales staff.

It would be quite easy for who does staff training to ask a few questions of anyone ordering online.

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