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I've been an EE subscriber now for almost 2 years and have been pretty much ok with things. 


But I am not happy with whst I've just found out.


I like to be kept fully informed about my signal status.  is it 2G,3G,3G+ etc and I've used an EE SIM on a non EE branded handset. a Note 4. Wherever there was a 4G+ 2600mHz signal it would display 4G+


I've discovered by chance on a Twitter conversation that EE for reasons best known to them decided to remove this 4G+ display symbol for 2600mHz. So if I'm out and about in Cardiff which does have some 4G+ coverage I've simply got got no way of knowing what my 4G signal status is. I asked the question about my Galaxy S5 Plus and an HTC 10 both of which never displayed that 4G+ symbol no matter where I was.. Both times it was quietly forgotten about.


Who decided to do that? 


Now before you all start saying I'm overreacting two things to bear in mind:


1) Why do the non EE supplied handsets like the unbranded Note 4 I had bother with it?


2) If it isn't important why bother with the various 2G and 3G status indicators like EGSM,H, H+ etcl...I mean surely all we need to know about is whether there's a signal or not? 


Got to be most irritating and plain stupid decision EE have ever made regarding their own handset Android  (only on bloody Android...again!) software versions. ..


Of course Apple users are unaffected as Apple will not allow EE to modify and customise their IOS system. 


I might just sell my Android handsets and get a blasted iPhone 7 plus 128GB at this rate. 


Well annoyed!

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Re: 4G+

I have been out to a major town, Hull in Yorkshire today with my Non EE branded Note 4 and mine displayed 4G+ 

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Re: 4G+

Yes indeed. 


In fact as EE have refused to incorporate either Wifi calling or VOLTE  (both of which are perfectly possible with a Note 4) there is no point at all in owning an EE branded Note 4


EE most of the time show absolute genius but at other times it's untrue. I mean fancy introducing a major new feature like Wifi calling then NOT updating a premium handset like the  Note 4  to make it fully compatible. 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: 4G+



The issues you are mentioning are well documented on the forum if you use the search you will find many threads.  EE is not responsible for unbranded firmware or what that firmware may report.  


Like every business addition services are normally reserved for premium products or reserved as a benefit for using EE firmware as if not they wouldn't sell any handsets.  The Note 4 is few years old now and no longer sold by EE. 


Lastly can I just remind you about the community etiquette and guidelines as your posts are on the aggressive side and far from the spirit of the forum. 





To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
by Jamie__S13 Established Contributor
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Re: 4G+

My phone is showing 4G+ as I type this.  Maybe you should opt out of the Samsung brand and get another type of android phone (Samsung aren't the only android phones 🙂 )

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Re: 4G+



How about a Blackberry Priv, HTC 10, Sony Z5 Premium and a S7 Edge?


I've owned all of those over the last 12 months or so all EE  branded and NONE showing  the 4G+ Icon in a live 4G+ area 


What handset do you own?


 I'll bet any money if it's Android is ISN'T  supplied by EE. Handsets from independent retailers such as Carphome Warehouse are not EE branded btw. 

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Re: 4G+

Does Service Mode *#0011# help at all?



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Re: 4G+

Actually Northerner that does work after a fashion albeit for Samsung handsets only.


I did know of it as it happens.


by peterkinxl5

Re: 4G+

I rebranded my Note 4 handset via Sam Mobile to the International version and guess what?


4G+ display in the relevant areas.


EE are idiots!



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