by Munter44

iFitness scam - why is it still going and why don't EE stop it?.

Have recently spotted unauthorised charges on my bill for iFitness, which I did not subscibe to. It would seem this "scam" by a third party partner of EE , has been running for years, and not just on EE but other networks as well. EE refer me to iFitness who ignore me. Taking my money without my permission and knowledge is theft. I want my money back!!!!!

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Re: iFitness scam - why is it still going and why don't EE stop it?.

Hi @Munter44


Welcome to the community.


iFitness is best placed to answer complaints or queries about their service.


As you say they're not answering you, I recommend speaking to the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA).


They are the regulators of charge to mobile services. I recommend raising a case with them.


Please come back and let us know how you get on.


by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: iFitness scam - why is it still going and why don't EE stop it?.

It's a shame none of the networks do anything to help. They own the company (Payforit .org) that enables these third party charges but have no interest in helping anyone get a refund, and just point you towards the PSA.


I got scammed for £4.50. I complained to Jamster and they did refund me on condition I waived any right to make a complaint.  I had to provide my IBAN details as they also don't have any functionality to refund me via my phone bill. So the networks make a nice profit from the fraudulent text, but can't refund the same way. It must generate a lot of profit.


I'm happy to have some things charged to my phone, like Apple purchases or a premium vote text every now and then, but not these recurring charges that are often fraudulent. We need to be able to add more specific blocks to accounts and control it from MyEE.


Good luck with it, hope you get your money back. 

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