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EE Lookout Premium: I have full cover, but Lookout asked me to pay?

Hi all,


I'm a full cover customer, let's get that out of the way. I pay every month for full cover of my device, and was told that I could get Lookout Premium through that.


But after a few weeks Lookout started sending me emails saying that I had failed to pay them for premium! I tried to contact them, but got a very rude response that essentially amounted to "we've had a lot of emails today, so we're deleting them all, please try again tomorrow".


I kept trying and kept getting this message. After a while, lookout cut off my premium.


I looked the issue up online and one suggestion was that I should delete my lookout account, make a new one using the same email address and try again! Unfortunately now it doesn't detect that I should have premium at all, and Lookout are useless at tech support!


Any suggestions on how I could solve this?

EE Community Support Team

Re: EE Lookout Premium: I have full cover, but Lookout asked me to pay?

Hi @Thedemitrius


Welcome to the EE community. 🙂


The premium version of Lookout is included in Full Cover and Clone Phone Fully Loaded. Find out more about Full Cover > 


As per the instructions from our Lookout mobile security help and support page, it seems you have done everything correctly:-


To activate the Premium Version of Lookout Mobile Security:

  • If you don’t already have it, download the Lookout app by visiting Google Play or the App Store from your device
  • Once it’s installed, open the app
  • Activate your account following the on-screen instructions
  • Once your account is activated, it will verify that you are a Full Cover customer and you will be automatically upgraded to the Premium Version


I recommend having a chat with our customer service team so that they can check your account and make sure everything is set up OK from our side.


Please let us know how you get on.



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