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Can't stack data bundles

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Hi All
3 weeks I've been battling to get my 5gb broadband data boost applied to my mobile account (you get it when you sign up to fibre broadband). Think today was call number 4. Each time I was told i would get a message to say it's gone live. Actually got through to someone who knew why it wasn't working.
My SIM only 20gb plan has a free 3gb data extra automatically included (April offer)
Apparently you can't have two data bundles  on one account so I was told I'd have to lose the 3gb to gain the 5gb...WTF?! people have accepted this and gone along with it. Since it's only what I'm entitled to I raised a case.
Cut a long story short a senior manager cancelled my 5 and 3gb add on and put a recurring 8gb add on onto my mobile account. It had to escalate to that level to sort it. It now shows on my account...hopefully it will recur as expected.
Didn't doubt it would get sorted but what a pain. So if you are in the same situation be nice....explain that there is a way to get all you are due and you shouldn't lose out.

Still have top marks for EE ....always sort things. Hope this helps someone 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Can't stack data bundles

Good morning @Mainjet42


Thank you for coming to see us in community 🙂


I'm delighted to read that the negative journey you were on has reached the right positive solution.


Hope you have a fantastic day and hope to see you posting in community again soon.





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