by Ricky84

Bt sports

Hey, I have 2 contracts with ee, phone and tablet, my tablet contract has bt sports for free, and i pay £10 a month for casting. I've just noticed that since February I now am paying £5 a month for bt sports on my phone contract. Surely that's not right if i have bt sports for free already on my tablet contract.  I can watch and cast bt sports on both my phone and tablet.

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Bt sports

@Ricky84   Sounds like you’ve set it up twice ie each device.   Each device has its own number so if one of your free streaming ends for that device you can not free stream it because it’s still free on the other device. 

by Ricky84

Re: Bt sports


Seems a bit crap, if i have bt sports it should be across all devices, I
never paid for bt sports until I signed up for casting now I'm paying for
bt sports too, even though I get it free on one of my contracts. I dont pay
to cast from both devices but am able to.

Thanks for your reply anyway. I now have sky and bt indoors so will be
discontinuing all chargeable addons. Dont suppose you know how to do this
via chat or in app, I can only see how to do it via making a phone call.

Thanks again

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