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Apple Music

My phone is an iPhone 7+ on an EE pay monthly SIM-only contract. 


I was already subscribed to Apple Music on a student subscription when I found out I was eligible for 6 months free on EE. I texted STREAM to 150 and followed the instructions until I got a text message saying "Great news, your six months of streaming for Apple Music on us, has begun! Simply download or open the Apple Music app to get started."


So I opened the app but nothing happened. As far as I could see nothing about my subscription had changed. I cancelled my current subscription to see if that triggered something but still nothing happened. I even deleted and reinstalled the app which caused me to lose all my music and spent all night redownloading everything. Am I missing something? I don't want this month's subscription to lapse (in 2 days) causing me to lose all my music and playlists. 

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Re: Apple Music



Have you read EE Apple music help pages, and followed the instructions?


You need to cancel any existing Apple Music service or EE promotion will not apply.



To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
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Re: Apple Music

Hi @samonyx


Thanks for coming to community 🙂


You do need to cancel your subscription directly with Apple as @Northerner has advised.


Here is how you do it, from our Apple Music - Setting up help and support pages.


We'll remind you to cancel your existing Apple Music membership while you're setting up your Apple Music Membership from EE. This means you won't pay for the service twice.


Here are the steps to follow - on iPhone and on Android devices.

Cancelling on iPhone


Step 1. You'll be notified you have an existing Apple Music membership direct with Apple. Tap OK.


Step 2. From the Apple Music home screen Tap the Apple Music account icon - on the top left corner of the screen.


Step 3. You'll see your Apple Music account page and Tap 'View Apple ID' from the menu.


Step 4. You'll then see your Apple Music account page. Tap 'Manage' from the Subscription menu.


Step 5. On your Apple Music membership account page, switch the 'Automatic Renewal' toggle to OFF.


Cancelling on Android


Step 1. You'll be notified you have an existing Apple Music membership direct with Apple. Select 'OK'.


Step 2. Tap the Navigation menu and then from the Apple Music membership account screen, Tap the arrow to the right of your name.


Step 3. You'll then see your Apple Music account page. Tap 'Manage Membership' from the menu.


Step 4. On your Apple Music account page, choose 'Manage' from the Subscription menu.


Step 5. Swipe left to switch ‘Automatic Renewal’ off.


Please note the day your subscription with Apple ends.


One day later then text MUSIC to 150 and you will then follow the EE process to get the six months free with us.


Also, you can have the six months free streaming now, by texting STREAM to 150.




You can wait until you can register for EE and run the six months simultaneously with your Apple music with EE.






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Re: Apple Music

I have already cancelled my subscription so that is no use. Also I never received any message saying to open a link, it just said "open the Apple Music app to get started".

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Re: Apple Music

I already cancelled my subcription and your information is either wrong or out of date because I did not have a 'Manage' button or an 'Automatic Renewal' toggle. 

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Re: Apple Music

Hi @samonyx


To activate the EE apple music subscription, once your apple subscription cancels in two days.  


The day after the termination date you need to text MUSIC to 150 and follow the texts you will be sent.


You won't lose your music or playlists, they are there under your apple id, the only thing that will be different is that it will show as a product on your EE account.


When you follow the prompts and open the app, when the EE subscription starts, your music and profile will be there.


Hope this helps.







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