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Air Pods still not returned to store after 3 month battle Offical complaint

Need some advice how to complain higher, as call centres and stores do nothing to help, even when I’ve ask to complain.


3 months ago to the day I ordered a pair off apple air pods online (worse decision ever) to the andale store in Manchester. After being told I would receive a text to say when they would be delivered. No text arrives, so i waited 4 days then decided to walk across Manchester on my lunch to see if they have arrived, i arrive at store, ask to see if they have arrived, which they have not. I ask the gent in the store, if i do not decide to come back to pick them up, will they be returned? or what would happen next? He informs me they keep orders for 14 days then return. I then rethink my choice to purchase and decide to let the store return the air pods. The end of the month comes and i see £14 add on to my account, after numerous phone calls, and uninterested assistants in store, im asked my name which i give, and a reply ok mate ill sort it (Mid august). (but it wasn’t)


So i forget about it and a day before my birthday 15th august i think to check my account and see if the add on is still on my account. Yup its there. 150 called, you need to go to store sir, ok i go again. I arrive to speak to a guy that was pleasant and helpful, says he is covering for market street store, but leave it with him and it will be sorted. Not heard this for the 100th time i thought. Anyway, 16th comes my Birthday, having a great day, phone call from the guy at store. 'ive sorted it, arranged the return, check your account in a week or so and it should be updated' end of the month comes, a late birthday surprise and its there it is, ADD ON £14, numerous lunch hours wasted on hold to 150,  they tell me they will request the store to send back. Again i leave it and guess what the ADD ON £14 is still there. So now we are at the end of sept, 3 MONTHS since the order date, the add on still there. So I decide to go in to another branch to buy a portable charge pack and ask that guy what is going on. He asks what’s my number and i will sort it and text you. Next day i get a text, saying your item was returned 3-4 weeks ago, so why is the add on still on my account????


That is a very basic snap shot, there has been more visits more calls, and still nothing has been done. I have expressed dissatisfaction since before the end of July


Now EE, a complaint is a statement in which you express your dissatisfaction with a particular situation. Ive done this for well over two months. Ive asked twice to make a complaint. £14 is not alot of money, but for something i do not own why should i be billed for this?, yes on the first two occassions my £14 has been refunded, but its not the point, i do not want this on my account. Why am i wasting my time still? chasing 150 and going in to store, the amount of hours on the phone or wasting lunch hours walking to store.


I am going to go to store this evening to complain, and if nothing is done, i will be writing to the ombudsmun & OFcom, as i feel this has been handlled poorly. The time i have spent, wasted for something that should have been so easy. How hard is it to hand back a package to DPD on there collection days????


I will push for my contracts to be terminated or a good level of compensation. Customer services is very poor. Promises not kept, no clear guideness. I go to store, i ask, nothing is done, call 150 have they request store to return and nothing happens


EE you truly have lost a customer in me and i will tell this storie to others

EE Community Support Team

Re: Air Pods still not returned to store after 3 month battle Offical complaint

Good Morning @andyjame5


Thanks for coming to community.


I've sent you a private message to get some additional information from you.


Please have a look and get back to me.



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