by davidmarcoes

Add-on cancelled just after upgrade

Hello there,


I upgraded on Monday 21th from 10Gb sim-only to 20gb + iphone XS (both on pay-monthly) and I have some doubts about the process:


  1. Before the upgrade I had the 500 minutes international calls add-on but a few minutes after completing the process I received a text message saying "

    The 500 UK to International minutes monthly recurring Add-on will be removed on your next bill date. Any remaining allowance is available to use until then." At that moment I though that maybe would be because of the process of swapping plans, and, anyway, my allowances doesn't finish until February 2nd. But to my surprise my current usage says that I'll charged on my next bill with £15.00 for one call to Spain the day after requesting the upgrade

  2. Regarding the previous issue, I'm pretty sure that along the upgrade process it is clearly especify something like "your current add-ons will be available on your new plan". Not "all yours add-ons" nor "some of your add-ons" but "your add-ons" in general (I want to be clear on this because it sounds to me more close to the first interpretation than to the second one). This is pretty annoying because now I have to  sum the cost of the add-on to the price I was offered before accept the offer
  3. Finally, the device had a estimated delivery time of one day, but I don't have any notice at all since then (apart from the confirmation email including a tracking number which returns no useful information)


Any help with these topics? Your feedback would be really appreciated 🙂



EE Community Support Team

Re: Add-on cancelled just after upgrade

Hi and welcome to the community, @davidmarcoes. 🙂


As your queries relate specifically to your account, I recommend speaking to our Mobile Care team.


They'll be able to check your add-ons, call charges and delivery status.


Please come back and let us know what happens.



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