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Rejoin EE


Last month I signed up online for the £44 a month 5g sim only. After a few days I thought that this was too expensive and having tried the 5g in certain parts of Manchester found that the speeds were a lot slower than 4g. They only offered 3 swappables none of which were really of any benefit as we already have prime TV and I don't use BT sport's or roam further which were the only other two swappables available. Anyway I cancelled within the 14 day period and ported my number away a couple of weeks ago and my EE account is now closed. 

The new network is not much better in terms of 4g as I have to keep putting WiFi on and I have luckily only gone on a 30 day sim online so can easily change again. I've since learned that another 5g sim only is only available at £32 for 20gb but apparently this is not online  just in an EE store. My question is would I be able to rejoin so soon after leaving cos they only did the credit check for the initial sim only  in September and if they have to do another so soon it might flag or cause an issue or embarrassment if it declined. It shows on the credit file that they did a search about 4 weeks ago as well as the other provider I went to after EE, so just thinking or might look strange if EE does another one a month later.🤔



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Re: Rejoin EE

Hi @jcf964 


This cannot be answered for certain so you will have to try. Mobile contracts always impact your credit score.


If you commit in-store to a 12 month plan you have no cooling off period,



To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
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Re: Rejoin EE

All sorted 🙂 


Went to a local EE store this morning and managed to get another SIMO plan with no problems.


Gave them the PAC in store and my number should be back on EE early next week 🤞


Not all available plans are shown on line, there's a greater range when going in store, so was pleased to be able to choose a lower priced one that is more suitable.


Downside - No 14 day cooling off/change mind allowed if bought in store as has been mentioned, but will be OK with that just for 12 months.



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