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EE Email Settings

Hi, Anyone know what SMTP Server i should be using on EE?


or if one is provided at all?



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Re: EE Email Settings

Hi Liam,


I've looked into this for you and this is what I found out....


You should use the SMTP server details for your email provider, as you would when using your home broadband for instance. That way you can always use the same settings whether at home or on the move, and there’s an added bonus that your emails are less likely to be marked as spam as you’re not sending your mail through an open mail relay.


Your email provider should be able to give you the details you need, but you’ll probably need to get the following:


-       Server

-       Port number

-       Your email username

-       Your email password


Hope that helps!





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Re: EE Email Settings



I've switched from Tmobile to ee and my Iphone now will not send emails over the 3G network.  Does anyone know what the smtp server is for ee when sending talktalk emails over 3G?  I have got the sending emails working ok over wifi but it wont send over 3G.


All help appreciated.



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Re: EE Email Settings

Do a reset and restore and it will sort it.
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Re: EE Email Settings

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 Your need to use an authenticated smtp server - looks like ee do not run their own server. 



 TalkTalk do have an authenticated server but it's a bit flakey sometimes.  One option is to sign up for a third party smtp service such as