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VOIP and EE 4G broadband

I am at present evaluating the Pros and Cons of investing in EE 4G broadband and an external antenna. I had a very productive call to sales the other week. The guy even gave me his email address which I thought was a nice touch. Then I emailed him with a query and there was no response. So I thought I’d ask here.


My mother has a very slow internet connection and it can’t be improved. No fibre in her area so it is broadband - just and averages about 2MB/Sec I think. At the moment it is fine for VOIP but not a lot more.


1. What kind of speeds do you get? I realise this is dependent on location but please tell me your experiences, particularly during adverse weather conditions.


2. This is the more important question: can you connect a VOIP internet phone via a cat 5 cable to the router and will it work with no issues.


TIA, atman

EE Community Support Team

Re: VOIP and EE 4G broadband

Hi @atman,


Welcome to the EE Community. Smiley Happy


As you mentioned, speeds will vary from location to location. Our coverage checker will give you more information.


I'm sure some members of the community will be along shortly to share their personal experiences.


It's best to contact the provider of your VoIP service to confirm if their equipment is compatible with mobile broadband.


Hope this helps.



by Skilled Contributor
Skilled Contributor

Re: VOIP and EE 4G broadband

I went down the EE 4G route in April 2018 and so far it has been rock solid. I get around 60Mbps down and around 40Mbps up.  There is no noticeable drop in speed for me in poor weather.  I did notice that with the trees coming into leaf that the speed went down a bit and it's increasing now that leaves are falling.


I no longer use the EE 4G router; I have replaced it with a Netgear LB2120 that I use with an external (to the router not the house) antenna.  I did this for several reasons:


- EE is very poor at providing meaningful information and support.

- The EE router is extremely limited in capability/configuration e.g. no ability to assign static IP addresses; no ability to operate in Bridge mode; use of IPv6 protocols prevented access to some websites and also prevented me from accessing my robotic lawnmowers via the iPhone app - I had to select iPv4 only in the configuration to resolve this - EE tech support was useless.

- There is no meaningful way to check for firmware updates or check if you have the latest version.  This is important as there is a known backdoor into the router's configuration that has recently entered the public domain.


Be aware that if you use products such as Philiips Hue lighting you cannot control the lighting when away from the home WiFi network.  I realise you're enquiring for your mother and some of these things will probably not be an issue for you.


I can't answer your question re VOIP as I haven't tried.  I no longer have a landline and use only my mobile or Skype/Facetime/Facebook Messenger.


If you have any other or more specific questions let us know and we'll do our best to answer.

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: VOIP and EE 4G broadband

Just to add to @Skier641’s list. 


I currently use sipgate as my VOIP landline provider, and I have no problem to use it via EE’s mobile network.


Where I live, I get around 80Mbps on peak times whilst on 4G with EE, so I pretty much use it as a broadband replacement, since I don’t live in a fibre area.




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