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Sonos 4Gee


I have recently purchased 4GEE and have swapped my old BT home hub for the 4GEE router.

All good, except I am getting what I think is a port swarm when I connect in my 8x Sonos speakers which are wired via ethernet, via a unmanaged cisco switch. These are 6x Sonos Play One, a sub and a soundbar which I used to also connect the TV ethernet into.

When I connect them via ethernet the network grinds to an almost halt and internet connectivity drops. Also, bizarrely, it makes the connection to my baby monitor drop. This doesn't use ethernet or wifi at all....

I 'think' this only happens when I have connected more than one speaker. More than one casues the issue.

I have read things about STP but I am out of my depth. I believe the sonos is not using wifi.

Any ideas?

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Sonos 4Gee

If the Sonos are connected close to each other, then only one Sonos is required to be connected to the network. Since Sonos devices can form a mesh network themeselves


Wired setup: To overcome these limitations, you can keep one of your Sonos products connected to your router with an Ethernet cable, which will put your system in a wired setup. The wired product will create a dedicated wireless network specifically for your Sonos system, so it will not compete with the other wireless devices in your home for the router’s attention. Additionally, your Sonos products will be able to pass the wireless signal to other Sonos products, which means it’s possible for Sonos to operate in a room that is beyond the reach of your WiFi.”

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