by jbmac Investigator

Rationing Use of 4G Wifi

How can I best ration my use of 4G wifi - I had 14.1 GB left earlier this afternon and now I have only 4.2. Can't understand this. Have only been looking at my emails!

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Re: Rationing Use of 4G Wifi

Hi @jbmac and welcome to the community.


Could any of the devices that are connected to your WIFI updated in the background?


Did any of you emails include any large attachments?


Many thanks,





by jbmac Investigator

Re: Rationing Use of 4G Wifi

Thanks for your suggestions. I don't think any device could have used over 10GB of my data allowance in under an hour! I'm wondering whether yesterday's apparent cyber attack on home routers may have done something My wifi router crashed suddenly in the afternoon, although it was powered up, and I had to reboot. It was after I reconnected that the data allowance was suddenly "eaten up". Maybe EE could advise on this one so I'll contact them.

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