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New 4G EE Router


I have a Zyxel LTE7460 Outdoor 4G router.

Now I am out of contract on three, i was going to go to a 100GB plan with EE.

However I have just been told that the new 4G EE has the Sim intergrade in the router.


Does that means the SIM card can be removed from the device , or is it embedded?

If it can be removed can it be put into my existing 4G Router?


by Skilled Contributor
Skilled Contributor

Re: New 4G EE Router

The SIM card can be removed from the EE 4G Router - I have done this to remove the router from my system.  You should be able to install the SIM card in your router though may need an adapter if they're different sizes.  The EE 4G Router uses a Nano SIM.

by Crunchieeagle Contributor

Re: New 4G EE Router

Thank you.

I did phone up this morning (at first I could quite believe what I was believing). and they said they have updated the 4GEE router with the SIM Card embedded in the router.

The first girl said you could not remove the sim card.


Think if would basically have to smash the router to get it, I phoned again.


The second girl said yes this is correct as this is now is "on the system", 

I then asked whether you can remove the SIM Card, and she said yes.

Completely confusing.

Now I am wondering if the sim card will only work in the IMEI no. of the router provided and she wasn't sure??




by Expert Contributor
Expert Contributor

Re: New 4G EE Router

Sounds to me more like they were talking about the iphone esim as the 4GEE home router provided uses a sim.

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