by ChrisCorky

My sister was Mis sold 4gee WiFi mini ? Can we do anything about this .?

My sister was mis sold the data box 4 gee WiFi mini. She is not technical at all and did not understand how or why her phone wasn’t working. This was sold to her as a solution last year but she has only used it the once on the way back from Shrewsbury where it was bought. She has no lap top or computer which is from what I can see the main reason to have one. She rarely uses up her data and has no need for extra data. I have seen on other blogs that this has happened frequently and clients have had to pay out monthly for a service not needed. Is there anything g we can do about this. She has another year of paying for something she does not understand or need. I was horrified when she told me about this and feel she was vulnerable and the shop assistant took advantage of her. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: My sister was Mis sold 4gee WiFi mini ? Can we do anything about this .?

Hi @ChrisCorky.


Welcome to the community.


Have you spoken to our customer service team about this?


They may not be able to do anything with it being 12 months into a 24 month contract, but they will be able to access your account and have a look at your usage on the device.



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