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Data Allowance

We had a 30Gb / month data allowance with BT broadband for years, and never came remotely close to exceeding that. However, connection speeds were dire here in rural Cumbria (less than 1Mbps). Recently EE put new masts up, enabling us to sign up for the 4G MYWIFI service. We took out the 32Gb / month plan. We have not changed / increased our internet use at all. 15 days later we were out of data. I bought another 10Gb and that ran out after another ten days. I bought another 10Gb. Now, in our second month, the data allowance has run out again. We have turned off everything like iCloud and anything else that might be gobbling data in the background, but find this incredible. How can this be???

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Re: Data Allowance

Hello @BaltoroStickMan sorry to hear you are facing problems/confusion with your new 4GEE WiFi device. Although you have not changed your usage habits have you changed anything on any of the devices recently that could be accounting for the extra data used? How many users sharing the device are there in total? Have you checked all of the devices data counters if possible? This will confirm if a person/device is using more than they should be. 


With regards to speeds it is worth noting that instead of being able to browse say 20 webpages a minute on your old BB connection or a video clip taking three minutes to buffer, faster speeds = faster page loads & downloads so suddenly you can now access 150 webpages a minute and that video buffered in seconds. This can have a knock on effect of you naturally using more data in the same amount of time simply because you are able to do more with less waiting. 🙂

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