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4Gee Wifi Mini Box acting strangely

My Wifi Box has been acting strangely, it works fine for a while but occasionally it will disconnect from the internet while still appearing as selectable network, just with no internet access, while it is acting like this the EE logo flashes white but all the other lights are off and the Power button doesn't work so I can't reboot the unit. I have tried using a paperclip to do a master reset but nothing seems to happen. after consulting with the "technical advisers" on the live chat I tried plugging it into my PC so I could access the menu and try rebooting it there but it wouldn't connect to that (also plugging it in via usb didn't cause the charging light to come on like usual) I will say the live chat guys didn't seem to understand my problem, they kept telling me clean the SIM and take the battery out which is nonsense of couse as the Mini box is a sealed unit and you can't remove the battery. 


Any Suggestions?

EE Community Support Team

Re: 4Gee Wifi Mini Box acting strangely

Hi @AdamC87


Welcome to the community. 


Are there any maintenance works showing in your area? You can check on our Network Status Checker.



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