by Megawatt

4GEE router uses data when nothing is connected

Hi all,


We live a couple of miles from the exchange in a hamlet of a few dozen houses with a very low chance of ever being “fibre to the premise’d” ... A chance, OpenReach approximated to something less than zero.


So, for the past 20 years or so we’ve never sync’d > 6mbs ... Until Now!


Connected via the 4GEE router yesterday and would like to start by saying ... WOWSERS!



And, the weather conditions here were certainly the most challenging the signal is likely to see that‘s for sure and the performance has been consistent throughout.


I’m a little curious about one thing, though, the router does trickle use very small amounts of data constantly, even with nothing connected, LAN or WIFI (Circa 30k or so every few seconds).  On a data plan of 200GB, this is going to be an inconsequential 300MB or so over a month so I’m really not bothered about it, just curious Smiley Happy


Having seen some posts about router disconnections when idle, I’m wondering if this is how they’ve solved it ... A constant trickle connection?


Fibre speeds over the air ... Who would have thought it!


Rgds all

EE Community Support Team

Re: 4GEE router uses data when nothing is connected

Hi @Megawatt


Welcome to the community. 🙂


It's fantastic to read how our 4G network has more than doubled your usual broadband speeds. I'm sure that'll make a huge difference to your digital life.


I'm not sure what that connection that you mentioned is. It may be something that our technical support team can investigate for you, if you wanted to try and find out.


Chris 🙂

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