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4GEE router speed or bandwidth restriction?

Hi all,


After the success of a new ee mast allowing us to finally get fast 4g at home in the Hebrides we're now considering purchasing a 4GEE WiFi router.

This will only be used by house guests who need to use the internet and don't have EE.


We're not wanting to get masses of data and are concerned that most people used to unlimited broadband will suck up 10 or 15gb without even realising it.


Before taking the plunge, could anyone tell me if there is a setting, or number of settings on the router that would limit the speed of the internet available through the router which would make film / TV streaming v difficult or impossible please?


All advice greatfully received 


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Re: 4GEE router speed or bandwidth restriction?

There are no such settings as far as I'm aware unfortunately.  The 4G routers are pretty basic in terms of functionality like that.

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