by York

4G home broadband problems


We have just ordered 30gb a month 4G home broadband. We have connected the laptops and mobile phones to it, some with ease some took a few goes before they would connect. However the smart tv and ps4 will not connect to the internet. They both say its a DNS error. I have tried various internet suggestions such as changing DNS but so far nothing? I tried tethering to my 4G phone (a different provider) and they connected straight away.

Any advice before I cancel it and am forced to try something else? Thanks

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Re: 4G home broadband problems

Hi @York,


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Please get in touch with customer services so our technical team can run through some diagnostics with you.



by York

Re: 4G home broadband problems

Further to that it is a 4g wifi mini. The smart tv says Connected to local network, but cannot connect to internet. Check DNS settings in IP settings or contact your internet service provider for access to internet. 

My mini box is showing 4g signal and my laptop and mobile phone are connecting fine. Its just the tv and ps4. Iv turned the box off and on again. There is no option to FORGET on TV and ps4 which seems to be the common fix.

Any ideas?

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