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Got Facebook to Authenticate, now how the heck do I use it?

Note to EE folks:

Please dont ask me to call CS, when I called before they said this product is discontinued and could not offer any help.  


So after finding the IOS app has problems, I borrowed a friends android phone to authenticate to Facebook.  This worked fine, and then when I switchd back to the IOS app I found it had remembered my settings on the camera.


As a side note this means the IOS app is the cause of being unable to autheticate and EE should try and look into it.


However when I start a live stream to Facebook the camera shows data is flowing somewhere but its not showing up on the page.  

This is a business page not a personal one (I don't have a personal facebook page) so is this a limitation of the system or amd I just missing some steps.  


The only help I can see on line (http://ee.co.uk/help/phones-and-device/ee/4gee-capture-cam/getting-started/how-to-use-app) isn't much use it says.


4. To start a stream, scroll to live mode on your camera and press the yellow shutter button.


Thats working in the sense its streaming somewhere, the question is where is that video stream going?  The online user guiide still references Skeegle so thats no use either.


Has anyone else got this to work, or should I give up on the the idea of streaming and just use it as a basic camera.


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Re: Got Facebook to Authenticate, now how the heck do I use it?

Hi @G_J_C


I know you've discussed this here in the community before.


I've sent you a private message asking for some information.


Please take a look and get back to me.





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Re: Got Facebook to Authenticate, now how the heck do I use it?



Thanks,   Details sent, however as I as said in another post 2nd Line told me EE and Apple stopped supporting this device in 2016, (despite the app getting an update in Nov 2017) hence I was asking if anyone else here had mananged to get it working.


Hopefully I can get further this time, but the prior problem still exists that the App as is stads does not correctly authenticate to facebook correctle on IOS which will be affecting others on here too.  It gets stuck when Facebook goes to the Permissions screen on IOS displaying a blank/white screen.

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Re: Got Facebook to Authenticate, now how the heck do I use it?

Can I make use of this thread for the same purpose...?


Bought my EE Action Cam just before Christmas, but as you do, only managed to get around to setting it up now.


  • Got Camera paired with Android App - check!
  • Got Camera paired with Watch - check!
  • Finally got Camera paired with Facebook after a few "authentication page time out errors" - check!


BUT... when I try and "Go Live", the camera tells me it is recording, and the data usage increases on the camera readout.


But one of two things happen...


a) Like the OP, the video disapears into the ether, or more commonly:

b) The video *eventually* goes to Facebook (I'd question the interpretation of Live however - it takes an age before it's live on my page), but all I get is a few seconds of video, coupled with metalic hiss/feedback sound.


Oh, and I'm severly cheesing off my entire Facebook friends list, who are constantly checking in to view my "Live Stream", every time I try this.


So why is it only sending a few seconds of video, with hissing metalic sound that apears to be looping (as does the video stream to be fair)?


I'm rather concerned, as the SIM I was using is my own contract out my mobile, as a temporary measure.  I have EE ringing me tomorrow to discuss data only Sims following the new plans they launched a week or two back.  I surely don't want to end up taking another new (my sixth contract if so), data contract, if this doesn't even work anymore.


Is anyone actually able to use EE Action Cam and Facebook Live Streaming nowadays, or is this indeed a discontinued product, before I've even be able to try it out?


(Oh, I persuaded the daughter in law to buy one for my son too as a Christmas present from her, so wo-betide me, and her wrath, if I sold her a lemon - THANKS EE if so!!!).


Any ideas anyone?

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Re: Got Facebook to Authenticate, now how the heck do I use it?



I'm talking to someone in 2nd line support, and passing details back.  It would not be right to give his detail out here, but he's looking into it.


My issue may be as I want to stream to a business page, but  after we gather enough data  it will go to the device team.  It took a while as I had to borrow an andoid device as the IOS app wont authenticate correctly as I commented before.


One thread is that facebook have changed settings at theie side, but we will hopefully get a reply from the device team once they have more troubleshooting to narrow down the issue,

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Re: Got Facebook to Authenticate, now how the heck do I use it?

Mine has used nearly a gigabyte of data and there's nothing in a newly created Facebook so GOD knows where it's streamed to, probably the NSA

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