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Cant update my 4gee action cam! Help!

I just bought a 4GEE Action Cam and i cant set it up for streaming because is asks for an update - but the camera tells me it is up to date!  i tried a reset and started again - same issue. Can anyone help?

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Re: Cant update my 4gee action cam! Help!

Hi @Johnsoap


Have you followed the instructions here on how to upgrade?



To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
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Re: Cant update my 4gee action cam! Help!

My camera tells me the firmware version number is V01.021.07.G_02.
The 'Live Stream' option on the App tells me to update to the latest firmware!
My Camera tells me it is up to date!
I have tried a reset  - that made no difference!
I will not be able to Stream until this inconsistency is resolved.
Does anyone know where I turn to next?

EE Community Support Team

Re: Cant update my 4gee action cam! Help!

Hi @Johnsoap


Welcome to the community.


I recommend speaking to our technical support team, they'll be able to run through some troubleshooting with you.


Please let us know what happens.



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Re: Cant update my 4gee action cam! Help!

Here is the update on my issue withe the avtion cam i bought ar christmas.

Just finished my second long chat session with Nathan about my "EE Action Cam, Full HD, 13 MP, 1080p@30fps, Waterproof, View Finder Watch case, Facebook Streaming via EE 4G"
I bought this brand new on the 25th Dec 2018 from Scan Computers International Ltd for £29.99.

Its a cracking device and the basics are good. However it will not live stream because the streaming software complains that the firmware is out of date despite the camera itself insisting that it is up to date.
Nathan on the EE chat session tells me that there is nothing that EE can do as the camera is no longer sold by EE and therefore no longer supported.

Personally I think this is an awfull example of customer service. This is an EE branded product and I would have expected a much more of a "Can Do" attitude.

At present i have 4 devices with EE sims one of which is on a contract - I think i may well now move my custom elsewhere.

Its a shame when one example of poor customer service sours your feelings towards a company , Ah well. end of rant.

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