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4gEE action cam TO GOPRO adapter replacement clip

While getting ready for a ski trip (messing around with stuff) I've managed to brake the little adapter that connects my 4gEE action cam to my GoPro accessories. So now I have no way of connecting the cam to any of my straps, helmet mounts etc


I'm a little worried as noticed that EE haver stopped selling any of the accessories on their site. Paid quite a lot of money for this cam a while ago and not ready to replace because a couple of quid connector has broke.


Any one now what the part no is? any ideas were I can buy a replacement? any other web sites that are still selling 4gEE action cam parts?


Any help very much appreciated 

(the need to capture me falling over in snow is high)

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Re: 4gEE action cam TO GOPRO adapter replacement clip

Amazon sell a reasonable amount of EE Action Camera accessories still, have you tried there?

by ejsurv

Re: 4gEE action cam TO GOPRO adapter replacement clip

yes and after your suggestion had another quick look.


All the accessories on the site assume you have that little clip to allow the EE action cam to connect to gopro connections (the little clip you move between connections on the camera housings) and of course that the piece I need

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