by Paddlerpete

why has my 4g home broadband data suddenly started to go at twice the rate

For the last year and a half I've enjoyed brilliant performance from my 4g home broadband. I have never used a lot of my 64gb data limit. Usage has typically been around 15 - 20gb in  a month. Nothing my end has changed. In october I queried the bulk  of my data having disappeared over a 2 day period and was told 70% was used for windows update. I checked this out and sure enough windows 10 creator had triad and failed about 7 times acounting for around 35% of my data limit. So it looks like data used is being logged by ee at twice what I am actually using it.

Now I'm into my next allocation of 64gb and 5 days in and i'm down by 9gb but i've stopped the pc updating by changing the setting to 'metered connection' and only used the internet for browsing plus used youview for one 30min catchup programme.

If this goes on I'll have no option but to leave ee and i'll take my other 2 numbers away too.

EE Community Support Team

Re: why has my 4g home broadband data suddenly started to go at twice the rate

Hello there @Paddlerpete


Thanks for posting on the community.


To get this looked into please give us a call.


Our technical support team will be able to check your data usage and investigate this for you.


Thanks, Leanne


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