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speed issues in the IP2 (IPSWICH) post code area

For those experiencing speed issues in the IP2 post code area, this is still ongoing (Sunday 24th June 2018) inspite of any responses from EE that the problem was fixed on Tuesday 19th June 2018.


On Monday I was experiencing download speeds of 0.5 mega bits per second on both my mobile phone and my 4G Router, using the Ofcom speed checker, Goggle's (Measurement Lab) and Ookla. Best I acheived was 1.0 Mbps. Using my phone in central London on the Tuesday morning I acheived speeds in excess of 100 Mbps. Nothing wrong with my phone.


Normal speeds in the IP2 area for over a year in excess of 15Mbps and often more than 20.


Didn't report on Monday as I thought might be short term, so give them 24 hours. Same Tuesday evening, so tried to ring 150, gave up after 20 mins no response.


Wednesday no improvement so rang again and spent about an hour on the phone. Usual where you have to prove it is not your kit and then finally they admit that there has been a problem and that others in the post code region have also reported issues. They report problem with mast fixed on Tuesday but will need 72 hours to ramp up (rubbish in my view). Well on Saturday 23rd it had gone up to 3Mbps and that was 96 hours. EE still denying any issue as they have fixed and all is now working. But as of Sunday 24th June 2018 at 15:30 BST, it is back down to 0.4Mbps.


So problem not fixed at all and I now wonder if it ever will be.


The wording of an email I received this morning gave me the feeling the the speed has been altered on this mast and that is the way it will now be.


"I have spoken to our Technical Team and they have advised me that the mast in your area is running at full capacity and you will receive variable coverage at your home address. There are plans to invest further in the area but there will take some time to complete."


Have to wander if the speed has been deliberately reduced for business reasons. If that is true then we should no longer be charged the same rate if they reduce the service.


I also asked them to quantify what they consider a minimum 4G speed, no response. I also asked for an explanation of how the speed could have been so much better before June 18th (for 1 to 2 years) and again, so far, no response.


So be warned, this may be the speed from now on, so maybe time to find an alternative supplier.



EE Community Support Team

Re: speed issues in the IP2 (IPSWICH) post code area

Hi @PSO,


Welcome to the EE Community.


I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing slow speeds over 4G.


The email you have received suggests your local mast is handling more data traffic than it used to, hence the slower speeds you are experiencing. 


The sentence referring to further investment means our network team are planning to add more network capacity in the area to resolve these issues.





by PSO Contributor

Re: speed issues in the IP2 (IPSWICH) post code area

The change of speed happened overnight and coincided with EE maintenance/fix on the mast, so hardly likely that it is higher usage, especially when it dropped by a factor of 50 or more in one 24 hour period, but never in the last 2 years. Smells fishy to me!

EE Employee

Re: speed issues in the IP2 (IPSWICH) post code area

Hi @PSO 


I understand your frustration with this issue.


What is displayed when you pop your postcode into the Network Status Checker?


Many thanks,



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: speed issues in the IP2 (IPSWICH) post code area

@PSO  You actually believe that this might be your speed from now on,  if it really believe that why are you the only customer at present to report this on here.  Networks masts do have issues from time to time and those issues once fixed do not mean you’ll get the same network speeds the very moment that mast is re-enabled,   


The best way to  describe this is to think of a mast as a battery that needs to charge up before it can start pumping out the signal at full power and allowing full speeds as you not the only customer trying to use that mast and so the mast is struggling to meet demand that’s.suddenly been placed upon it. 


 And I don’t think there is actually a minimum network speed that’s been placed upon the network that you should be receiving.  

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Re: speed issues in the IP2 (IPSWICH) post code area

Nothing of any use. It said there wasn't a problem when there was, keeps emailing me that all is OK when it isn't and currently says this, much to my surprise, and this is after they have told me it is fixed and the speed is correct. It's a joke. THe speed has improved tonight, who knows what tomorrow will bring.


by PSO Contributor

Re: speed issues in the IP2 (IPSWICH) post code area

Because most people are apathetic and don't complain. I am not the only customer to report a fault.

It is a week since they said they had fixed the problem and that it would take 72 hours to ramp back up.


The issue is with the difference of the speed before to now, a factor of some 50 times less and their constant statements that this is the speed from now on, as if it was never faster in the past. This evening the speed has come back up, but for how long, who knows.


To quote EE in their email response this evening "the average speeds that you should receive is 8mb per second for 4G and between 1-3mb for 3G".

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