by martinh1

spam texts with no number

We have been recieving several texts that have a title rahter than a number, when selecting the option to block cannot do this as no number so cannot block.,

Is there any way to stop these messages

EE Community Support Team

Re: spam texts with no number

Hi @martinh1


Welcome to the community, I'm sorry to hear about your nuisance text problem.


Spam texts can be reported to us by forwarding the message to 7726


  • Reply STOP to the text message but only if you know the company that sent the text. More information on using the ‘STOP’ command can be found on the Phone-paid Services Authority website


  • You should not reply to the text if you don’t know the company. If you reply to the message, the company will know the message was received and might send more messages


  • You might receive text messages inviting you to call a premium rate number (numbers usually with a prefix of 090). You should not call the number unless you know the service that you are calling. To check the number you can use the Number Checker on the PSA website.


Hope this helps.



by Jeremyap

Re: spam texts with no number

It looks like Chris, you have not understood or answered the question asked of you by martinh1 in October 2017.......


From just over a week ago, I also started receiving strange text messages. My first reaction was to block the sender. But I continued to receive messages every few days. Whenever I checked the sender for his number (by clicking info) I found out the sender didn't have a number??


I received the following message on 4 December from a sleazeball who called himself Richard: "A young entrepreneur from Sydney leaves the hosts completely overwhelmed after revealing the strategy he used to earn 116,741 in 5 months!"


I immediately blocked him but today (9 days later), I got another message from the same sleazeball as follows: "Check your account now to avoid suspension. Act now to protect your cash. Protect your future income."


I can't report these messages to 7726 because they would need to have the sender's number. I've never used premium rate services or given out my mobile number on dodgy websites. How can I stop these messages please?


Thank you





EE Community Team

Re: spam texts with no number

Morning @Jeremyap,


Welcome to the community 🙂


You can forward the text straight from your phone to  7726


To forward on the text to us to investigate, you don't need to know the senders details.


 Are you receiving an error when you try?


If you are worried about charges being added to your bill for these texts, you can check your My EE account which will show any charges and also the related number that as charged you.


Our customer service team will be able to advice you of these details too.


Alex 🙂





by Jeremyap

Re: spam texts with no number

Hi Alex


Thanks for the prompt reply.


I've now forwarded all 4 texts received so far to 7726 as you have advised. Each time I got a reply to say: "Thanks. Please send us the name or number the message came from so we can investigate. We are constantly working to prevent these messages & block them."


I couldn't provide a number but have provided names so I am hopeful something would come of it.


Have a great day.


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