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problems accessing a certain website and app

I recently upgraded my contract to a sim only deal. I have kept my same phone a samsung S5 and am still on the same sim card so really nothing has changed.

I use an app called Anyvan (a courier site) daily and had no problems accessing both there website and app prior too my upgrade. Since my change of contract I can't access either the app or their website if I am on my data bt have no problems when on Wifi.

I have contacted EE countless times but to no avail as they just keep coming up with excuses and say they will call me back but they never do.

I really need to access this app/website whilst I'm out and about as its my work.

Any help gratefully received.


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Re: problems accessing a certain website and app

Hello @loftythelion sorry to hear you are having problems using a specific app. It is normally content lock that stops certain apps from working so you may want to check the status of that by logging in to MYEE online and navigating to MYEE>manage device (although this would be unusual for a courier app). If content lock is disabled try deleting the app, clearing the cookies/history of your current browser then restarting your phone first and installing the app/trying to log on online again. 


If that still does not work try another SIM sim the phone if you can, or the SIM in another phone with the app installed/browsing their site online to confirm if it is a line or device fault. Line faults would have to go through customer service and it may be worth asking to speak to the technical team as this is a prolonged issue now. For device faults try backing up any data you want to keep, resetting the phone to factory settings and testing it as a clean install first. If it works you can then add your backed up data back on and hopefully be back to normal. 🙂 

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