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mobile broadband external dish

I go to a remote area frequently but it does not have broadband and BT are unlikley to install  broadband. Other providers will not provide broadband. However, the good news is that EE mobile works in my bedroom now and I can get mobile broadband on my iPad and Iphone. Does EE sell a dish that can be mounted externally to bring the mobile signal into the house? I have seem similar for sale on Amazon but I am reluctant to go ahead due to a lack of knowledge.


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: mobile broadband external dish

Hello and Welcome to the Community.


EE sells a home 4G broadband package with an external antenna which is a bit like a dish but much smaller and less visually intrusive. Please check out their page on it here:


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


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Re: mobile broadband external dish

Hi @Crofter and welcome to the community.


We have started to install external antenna which may assist.


You would need to give us a call so we can run a series of diagnostics with you to ensure the antenna is fit for purpose and will improve the speed and consistency of the 4GEE Home Router If you're happy with these we will then arrange an engineer.


 The engineer will verify the improvements and speeds with you before the installation takes place. If for any reason you do not want to progress with the installation, we will refund you £90 of the £100 installation fee (a £10 non-refundable charge is taken).


If you are unhappy with the installation for any reason we will de-install the antenna and make good free of charge.


If you have purchased the antenna within 14 days of signing up to an 18 month 4GEE Home contract, the returns period is increased by a further 14 days from the day of installation.


If you are not happy with the increase in performance we will refund the installation and allow you to cancel your contract outside of the 14 day returns policy.


If you are happy with this please get in contact with our dedicated antenna team on 0800 079 0131.


Hope this helps,



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