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mis-sold 'plan' in store

My Mum recently went into an EE store to buy a £10 top up for her PAYG sim. She very rarely uses her phone just has it in case of emergencies or for the odd call or text. She probably spends at most £40 per year.


While in store the agent she was speaking to said she could get a better deal if she changed to a different plan, Mum explained that she did not want a contract as she hardly used her phone. He continued to throw numbers at her and talk about data (which she ever uses her phone for) and insisted that this was not a contract and she would save money.


Eventually Mum agreed to change 'plan' if it would save her money, but she did say how little she spent. She received a letter a few days later with the details and now finds that she has a contract for £10 per month, so she is going to be spending at least three times as much for her phone use as she does currently.


She went back to the store and they said she cannot cancel the contract without giving 30 days notice and paying the entire amount for the 12 month contract in full. They were very dismissive of her and my Mum is not the most confident or assertive woman.


She has called EE customer service but been told she needs to speak to the store manager about this. When she calls the store there is no answer so far.


Previously when Mum has topped up her PAYG sim she has been offered contracts but when she explains her low usage they always agree she is better off with PAYG, so when this time the agent insisted that it would save her money ( and was not a contract) she had no reason not to believe him.


How is it best to resolve this issue as clearly Mum was mis sold and did not understand it was a contract after being told it wasn't and it would save her money, when clearly it would not.

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Re: mis-sold 'plan' in store

@SP15 Raise this with EE complaints here.  If that doesn't get anywhere Google EE's CEO contact details / email address (it's easy to find).


The sooner EE shut all retail stores and get rid of trigger-happy, greedy, commission chasing sales staff the better.  Staff like that who pray on the elderly do not deserve their job.

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