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inaccurate data usage

can anyone explain to me how EE calculate their data usage.


i have a mini osprey, that is used as a connection at different times.  However, over the last couple of months, i have had serious concerns over the amount of data usage, which seems to be out of sycn with actual usage.


I finaly had enough trusting EE, and to this end, i set up a pfsense firewall at home, and pushed all traffic through it (if you are reading this EE, i am a CTO for a tech company, so dont give me your usual rubbish, i understand IP packets, data sizes, download and uploads very well)


So, making sure all traffic has gone through this firewall, i recorded a total of 17.2 GB, (upload and download) using correct 1024MB sizing, not the rounded 1000, and as i am sure anyine with an ounce or technical understanding at EE would know, all traffic has gone through my firewall.  i am also able to prove that there are no unxepected source IP's or destinations that would indicate any virus on any machine.


However, i had to purchase a top up, again, and EE is reporting that i have used 42GB of data.  EE, can you explain the huge disparity between what i have a actually used, (recorded with an industry standard open source firewall) vs what you have recorded? there is something off here, and by the use of a firewall it is easy to prove my end, quite happy to share the full logs, i installed ntopng in Pfsense, so that i am able to prove the usage or compare to your data. If it comes to it, even happy to share my entire network infrastructure with all logs that are trapped in SNMP.  There is no techincal explanation, or fact to support 42gb or usage, there is however, logs and data to prove that usage is what i have stated.  I look forward to EE's response, i have read about other peoples experience in this area, hence why i will prove my side, with evidence first, Did i mention that i am very much a tech?

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Re: inaccurate data usage

@sqgabriel  No one here can explain your usage as this is just a public forum not customer services who have access to your account. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: inaccurate data usage

Hi @sqgabriel,


Welcome to the EE Community.


As @Chris_B mentioned, our customer service team are best placed to look into this for you.


They'll be more than happy to help.





by Julesstock

Re: inaccurate data usage

I wish I could explain – it would help both of us!

My 200GB home 4gee renewed at midnight last night. This morning I woke up my iMac, checked data on myee to see I have 183GB left. On "chat" I was told nothing at all, just 'sorry, I know how you feel'. Computers off, noone anywhere near here in rural Cornwall. It ain't me, it's (you)ee... Not at all happy.

EE Community Support Team

Re: inaccurate data usage

Good Morning @Julesstock


Welcome to the community. 


Has any device been possibly connected through the night?


I have sent you a private message for further information. 


Katie 🙂



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