by kyrabackhouse1

data gifting

why am i having issues gifting data? I've lots left and everyone is on my account but saying i don't have enough date to gift, I have nearly 60MB

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: data gifting

@kyrabackhouse1   60mb is not a lot.  You have to gift a minimum of 500mb. And you have to have a minimum of 500Mb left on your account after gifting data.      


It goes Megabytes to Gigabytes.  1GB is 1024Mb.   So if you have 60Mb you don’t have enough to gift anyone. 

by kyrabackhouse1

Re: data gifting

Sorry that should of said 60GB, I have managed to sort in now though but thanks


EE Community Support Team

Re: data gifting

Hi @kyrabackhouse1

Welcome to the community. 


Glad you're sorted. How did you fix it? Just out of interest.


Chris 🙂

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