by Karen2704

allowance going down

My data allowance started yesterday 26/7 but on checking it today 27/7 it is down to 14.5gb problem is I have only used my WiFi as I have broken my foot and have not left the house, could someone please explain, I never normally check and would be very interested to see what my ‘usage’ has been on past bills.



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: allowance going down

Hi @Karen2704


What is your data limit? 


Also look on your phone under settings as there should be a data app, which will tell you what has used data on your device. 



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EE Employee

Re: allowance going down

Hi @Karen2704.


Welcome to the community.


Could you confirm your monthly data limit?


Could you also let me know what device you are using?


Hope to hear back form you soon 🙂


Many thanks,



by Expert Contributor
Expert Contributor

Re: allowance going down

Being at home doesn't necessarily mean that you haven't used mobile data. 


An app might be set to only use mobile data or you may have Wifi Assist/Smart Network Switch/ Switch to mobile turned on. (If the wifi is weak in a particular spot then the handset will use data to help )


As suggested above, have a look at Data Usage in Settings and this will tell you what used your data. You can then work out how it happened.

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