by Catbol11

Why is my data being used so quickly?

My data seems to being getting used very quickly I got a message to say I had used 80% of it when it only got re newed 4 days ago and I’m mostly on WiFi either at home or Work? It couldn’t have been used that much is 4 days! When I got the text I was ok WiFi! It doesn’t make sense, please help 🙂 thanks 

by phil76012 Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Re: Why is my data being used so quickly?

my advice would be to turn moblie data off when your connected to wifi as most smart phone mainly iphones has something called wifi assist. it will use your moblie data should your wifi become weak which will expain why your data is running out.


also depending on your phone you should change your auto update setting to update using wifi only to stop moblie data being wasted on small updates on apps



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Re: Why is my data being used so quickly?

Morning @Catbol11


Welcome to the community.


What phone are you using?


How much data do you get with your plan?


Thanks, Leanne 🙂

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