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Established Contributor

What kind of rubbish are these signal boxes?

 EE sent me a signal box because Wifi calling was unreliable at best even with a 50mb connection.  So I got the signal box yesterday and got it activated.  My 6s wouldn't connect to it even though my son's phone did, so I phoned up we got that sorted, it ran fine for a couple of hours then flashing green, phoned up again and we reset it etc it's been flashing green since.  It's not been working for longer than it's been working, I got 2 hours out of it. Its been off since 7pm last night.

EE Community Support Team

Re: What kind of rubbish are these signal boxes?

Hi @1irishninja


I'm sorry to read about the experience you've had with your signal box so far.


I recommend speaking to technical support again so that they can run through some diagnostic tests.


Please let me know what happens.



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