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Volte symbol disappeared off my s7?

After software update the volte symbol appeared on my phone, S7. It's now disappeared and has went back to 4G. Ive been told they're the same but if that's the case, why did the volte symbol appear? So confused! Any help appreciated. 

by Ace Contributor
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Re: Volte symbol disappeared off my s7?



Just had a look on my phone, VoLTE/4G calling is still down at the moment. It has been since last week. 



by red_snow Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Re: Volte symbol disappeared off my s7?

You'll notice now, that when you place a call, it will use 2G or 3G.


This is as a result of an issue whereby WiFi calling and VoLTE (4G calling) went down last week. WiFi calling is restored but VoLTE is still down. When it is "fixed", you'll see the VoLTE symbol again and will be able to make calls over 4G.


It is not as a result of your software update.

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