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VoLTE issue

I have noticed something strange with VoLTE on my s7 edge, when using the default APN which came with the phone this was enabled, however experienced DNS issues when the device was first booted.


This was due to having a username of eesecure and password set, however using the settings advised below VoLTE is not availiable anymore but is if i swap back to the original.


Does anyone know the cause of this or how to resolve it?. Not a biggy as data works properly now, however I'm just intrigied to find out what has caused it to stop working.


The only differeneces between the manually setup one and the automatic one is the username, password and it is set to use ipv4/ipv6 as the APN roaming protocol.


Name Internet

APN everywhere

Proxy Leave Blank

Port Leave Blank

Username Leave Blank

Password Leave Blank

Server Leave Blank

MMSC http://mms/

MMS Proxy

MMS Port 8080

MCC 234

MNC 30

Authentication Type PAP

APN Type If you have choices select internet+mms otherwise type in *


Edit- also just to add my phone was bought direct via EE

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Re: VoLTE issue

Hello @rcr316 there is a known issue with VoLTE currently and EE are working to restore it as soon as possible. 2/3G should still be working fine in the meantime and so should data services as you mentioned. 🙂 

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