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VOIP not working on EE 4g



We have a VOIP system at work and I have tried to get it working on my iPhone 8. I have used two apps- Zoiper and Bria. Both work fine on wifi but fail on 4g. In all cases when I call someone or they call me I can hear nothing. The other person can hear me.

I have worked through all the different settings with the help of tech support from the apps and it looks like there is omehting on EE's 4g network that blocked packets coming in to my phone.


I have made many calls to EE's tech support and a couple of times I had to explain what VOIP was which wasn't a great start. Anyway eventually we hit on removing all content blocks (including some allegedly hidden ones) but this has not fixed the issue.

The apps' tech support cannot help further and EE seem to have no idea either.

I have my own business running on EE and the much-larger company I work for also use EE. As we are looking to become more mobile the ability to use VOIP to transfer calls and have extensions is quite crucial and we will have no choice but to change provider unless someone at EE can take a genuine interest in getting this sorted.


I may be in the wrong place here as all the replies I have seen to similar issues are from community users and I have never seen anyone from EE techinical support contribute here. Is this the case? If so I doubt I'll get any further as this is a deep technical issue that lies solely with EE.


I am going to buy a Vodafone SIM and give that a try. If it works with VOIP that will be one rather large company and one rather small one leaving EE.  I would prefer not to and so would the other company but all my attempts at getting help from EE so far have proved fruitless.


Many thanks,



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Re: VOIP not working on EE 4g

This is a user discussion forum. Technical or Customer Support do not attend here but there are some EE Community Team staff who can help with general queries. However there is no reason why Community members should not know about & help with VoIP.

If you think I helped please feel free to hit the "Thumbs Up" button below.

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Re: VOIP not working on EE 4g

Good Evening @ianpugh


Is anyone else who is on EE been able to use this successfully?


Speak soon, Katie 🙂

by ianpugh Valued Contributor
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Re: VOIP not working on EE 4g

None that I know of. We've tried different handsets but no luck.

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Established Contributor

Re: VOIP not working on EE 4g



I have checked both Zoiper and Bria and have seen a couple of things on their PlayStore descriptions.


Zoiper says it can work under 3G or Wi-Fi; very strange that is says 3G and Wi-Fi, rather than 4G and Wi-Fi.


Perhaps try setting your device to 3G (rather than 4G) and see if that works.


Secondly, Bria does state that "Some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP functionality over their network and may also impose additional fees [...]".




I have also found a thread from these forums dating back to 2015 which raised this exact issue.


The OP of that thread claimed they had issues when using SIPGATE, but they experienced 0 issues when switching to VOIPFONE.


An EE representative did also state that EE does not block VOIP on any of its 4G plans. (Although this is from 2015, so something MAY have changed since then).


I have no knowledge of most of this, but this is all the helpful information I could find thus-far.

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Re: VOIP not working on EE 4g



It is unlikely to work as EE in common with most or all networks run what is called Carrier Grade NAT, so your IP address is local, but connecting to another local address within the network before reaching the outside world.  So anything incoming like SIP (VoIP) where your phone essentially acts like a server, finds it hard or next to impossible to find you.  Hearing at one end but not the other is a typical symptoms of this type of network.


EE would need to run something called an Application Level Gateway to intercept this traffic and ensure it can cross over the various levels, these systems in themselves are prone to problems and don't always work well anyway, and seeing that EE provides calls, they probably have no appetite to make the effort to support VoIP in this way.


One option on 4G is to dial into a VPN from your phone (do you have a works VPN?) then see if that allows it to work, this will tunnel traffic inside the VPN which is private and as long as the VPN passes traffic, SIP should work okay, providing where the VPN is hosted isn't doing a similar thing.


If the app and VoIP provider has options for things like a STUN server give that a go, these attempt to punch a way through more complicated networks, but EE may actively be blocking VoIP in which case a VPN is the only option.





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Re: VOIP not working on EE 4g

After various poor attempts to deflect the issue by technical support (IPV6, bad software, broken sim, trying on Android phones, blaming the VOIP provider) I finally got an admission it just does not work. I think it was when I told them the same phone with the same sim with same software worked when I roamed abroad made them realise they had no argument left. I was then told it was tough luck as they didn't promise to support VOIP explicitly. I said that on a business account, VOIP should be a given and that their agrument was akin to saying that if YouTube didn't work on ee's network it wasn't their problem either. Anyway, I got a 50% discount on buying myself out of the contract. O2 and Three work perfectly on VOIP so if it's an issue I suggest you vote with your feet.

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