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Unlimited data 4f wifi box??

Hello all!


Basically, I get much faster speeds on my 4g at my house than  on my brightbox (it goes from around 1.5-2mb/s to 30-40). This isn't the brightboxes fault, just where I live. Is it possible to get an unlimited 4g wifi box instead of a capped one? I have a mobile 4g to wifi from you guys but it also has a cap. Please help! 🙂


From Adam

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Re: Unlimited data 4f wifi box??

EE don't offer unlimited data on any of the mobile plans sorry.

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Re: Unlimited data 4f wifi box??

Just to add, EE has up to 500GB of data available per month:

As the amount they're offering is gradually increasing over time, I would not outright exclude the possibility of unlimited at some point in the future.

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