by Derry67

Transmitter reliability is very low?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Transmitter reliability is very low?

Hi @Derry67 


Can you expand on your above statement? 





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by Derry67

Re: Transmitter reliability is very low?

Signed up to EE4G in May this year. But no 4G available since last Tuesday. I have phoned EE, but each time I am advised that no 4G is available due to “maintenance at the transmitter”.
So I have no access to internet for almost a full week, other than by my previous satellite provider which fortunately is still available to me for another few weeks.
Should I cancel EE4G until a reliable service can be guaranteed by EE?

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EE Community Support Team

Re: Transmitter reliability is very low?

Hi @Derry67

Welcome to the community. 


If our engineers are aware of a problem in your area, they'll be working hard to restore normal service as soon as possible.


You can register for updates on our Network Status Checker.


Thanks for your patience so far.



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