by janeanne

Sold wrong data contract

I recently bought a new phone and was told to take out a contract for £8 a month, as i was paying £10 pay as you go.


I thought the shop assistant would of checked my details to see what data allowance i was previously on and did a like for like.


Now i keep running out of data and found out i am only on 250mb but using 2gig.


I phoned ee and told to move to new contract of £13.


I never ran out of data when i was paying £10


Where do i go from here?



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Sold wrong data contract

@janeanne  You can change the tariff to the higher one to include more data.  You was advised to take out that tariff and you took up that offer under advisement, it was  ultimately your decision on whether you wanted that or not. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Sold wrong data contract

Hello there @janeanne


I am sorry to hear this.


I have sent you a private message on here to get some further details now.


Hope to hear back from you soon.



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