by LakesDude

Social media not working on 4G


I've recently moved over to EE from Vodafone (ported number) - one issue is that I can't seem to get my social media apps working on EE 4G - when using wifi, all is fine.


Twitter/FB/FB Pages are behaving as if they have no data connection - but there is. All other apps are fine & working well.


Device has been reset - all apps are set to use mobile data - the social apps have been removed & reinstalled.


iPhone 7 / IOS 10.3.1

Carrier : EE 28.3


Frustrating - can anyone pls assist?

EE Employee

Re: Social media not working on 4G

Hi and welcome to the Community @LakesDude


This does sound very strange.


Please may I know if you turn off 4G and have 3G only does that help?


Many thanks,



by Star Contributor
Star Contributor

Re: Social media not working on 4G

Hi @LakesDude


Also, check the following:


Settings > Mobile Data > make sure it's on, scroll down and check Social media apps and ensure the slider is set to on. 



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